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»closer relationship w. god, equals a better life? [kinda long]

so yesterday we recieved a package from my grandmother for all of us, [ my mom, brother, karma & myself]. it contained some items from our family reunion this past summer, a check for my brother & karma, which is good, karma got a daycare bill to pay, lol. & a couple of items for me & my mom.
sidenote; in relation to this, my mom, i want to say has really became a devout christian over the past year, maybe even more, she attends damn there every church activity she can, goes to bible study, most of the time is right after work, she made sure she had sundays off so she can attend church, she sings in the choir, i mean she went to church before, but never like this, so as me & my brother got older, she truly tried to get us into the church 'thing'. when we were younger we sang in the choir, and partcipated in church activities, but all under the wings of our mother, so when she left virginia after her & our father seperated, church became lacking in our lives, my dad aint to big on church himself, which means, we aint have to go. sundays included chillin at home or w. friends, doin last minute homework, laundry or watchin the game. so as ryan [my brother] entered high school, and i was away at college, any conversation i would have w. my mom as far as stress about school or just stress about anything, take it to god, or go to church is what i heard. yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah is what came out my mouth. [now, i can see had i listened, i think i still would be in school & karma would be in my FUTURE plans, but nonetheless, i do thank god i have her :) ] but my grandmother has been a modern type devout christian. unlike some christians, she doesnt wear her christianity on her sleeve, like its something she needs the whole world to know, i guess to sum her up, she's not overly flashy about her religion, like some over the top christians. my mother, is kinda hoovering the line of it, but i feel as though if it make her happy, im good. so lets get back to how all that relates to this package i got.
anyways, so i recieved two books. one is a lil book called 'our daily bread'. you may have seen them. they contain 3 months of daily devoutions that you read each day. the one that both me & my mother got, contain the month of sep,oct and nov. i always thought they were pretty neat, its like your little moment w. god before you start your day. you read it while drinkin your coffee and they you go. i will definitely be reading it for the remander of this month and as well as for november.
now the second book, 'a woman's walk with god; growing in the fruit of the spirit' is, well i dont know. what it says on the back is this:
"nurturing your walk with god..and cultivating the fruit of the spirit in your life. Do you yearn for a closer walk w. the god you so love? For a freater understanding of what it means to walk with him? For the marks of His prescence on your life? Author Elizabeth George gives a practival help for how yyou can grow in the fruit of the spirit.' so, i mean i dont know, i guess its like a self help book on learning how to improve your relationship w. god. there is a study guide, that you can use to accompany the book, i will probably get that so i can have it to use along w. the book, once i begin reading it. my grandmother also wrote a message in it that said, 'read this as a guide and a gift to Karma. you owe it to her to be the best woman and mother you can be.' yeah no added pressure, whatsoever. at one point in time, i questioned my mother abilities [i was unemployed, not in school and going absolutely no where, no time fast, & following karma's father like a broke dick puppy damn sure wasnt the solution, smh. i digress] so, i guess its a good thing, that i did recieve them, because lately i have been wanting to improve my relationship w. god, and i know that attending church isnt all the it entails, its a start, but its just a steping stone & i want it to go deeper than that. i feel that once i improve my relationship w. god, all things will fall in line, my relationship w. my mother, life, i will have a better and much more stronger relationship w. my fiance, and i can improve my friendship w. karma's father. and life would be soo much more stress free.
i always felt that a closer relationship w. god would equal a very comfortable life situation. im not sayin it would be and easy fix, and your life would be perfect, but when life would seem stressful, you would have his guidance to help ease the blow. and learn from the expiereince. vs. stress yourself to the brink of destruction only to want to say fxck it, and try your hardest to forget all about it.
im really estatic to study this book and see where it takes me. i will definitely be doing a update on how it goes. let me know how you guys are dealing w. your own spirituality, how a stronger relationship w. god has truly changed your life. let me know!


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