quote me on that.

'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

spin that ish.


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»s h o p p i n ' . h a u l;*

» gah! so today i did a lil shoppin today & scored a good lil haul!; check out the pics! :)

»maroon maxi dress from walmart; $15 :)

»cute lil' tea length dress from kmart; orginal price $19.99 on sale 25% off so i paid $14.99

» yay! found another e.l.f brush; this one is the defining eye brush got it at dollar general for $1

»maybelline cool effect coling shadow/liner retail store price, $5.99 for one; i got a 2-for-1 pack for $1 each at dollar tree, so 6 for $3 bucks, cant go wrong w. that! :) swatch down below

»from t-b;
»#40 lilac breeze
»#62 frosty pink
»#17 sugar plum ice
»#27 chill the champagne
»#05 cold as ice
»#63 black frost

»i think i will definately use these as more of a shadow than a liner, they kinda have a creamy texture to them so i think that makes well for a shadow, plus i have some shades already that kinda resemble them so i could definitely use them as a base for the shadows i have.

»&nd one picture i didnt post, was my wet and wild mega colors lipstick in giddy, i know, i know i already bought a tube like last week, but its such a pretty color pink & i found a perfect lip gloss to accent it! its from victoria secret beauty rush lip gloss in cupquake check out the pick below to see what it look like:

»freakin love it! i might just have to make that combo apart of my everyday make up routine :)

well im about to go, time for karma to get put down for bed, think i might go to church tomorrow, not sure yet. i know i need to go, got somethings & some people to pray about. *side eye* lls.

nite loves :)


p.s. enjoy this random pic of karma chillaxin in betty <-- yes, thats the name of my car :)

»f o r e v e r . 2 1 . c o n t e s t

» so one of the blogs im following 'unique trends' is having a forever 21 giveaway in the form of a $100 gift card, because she has reached 100 followers! [congrats on that, jackie! :)] for all the contest dets, please visit jackie's blog at http://www.jblovly.blogspot.com . good luck everyone ! :)

»j u s t . f o r . k i c k s

»whenever i'm down, i always look at this &nd think, well it could be a lot worse...

» a . m . u p d a t e. :)

» good morning my lovely followers♥;so palm beach was fun; but i definitely forgot my camera :( anyways, i went into the gucci store & saw the baddest pair of black knee high suade gucci boots, cost? 2 stacks. wowzers. anyways, todays agenda includes;

»chipotle for lunch [yummy :)]
»lil makeup shoppin,
»putting karma down for her nap
» enjoyin a facial mask

might even try out a different hair style :) not sure what style i will go for, but i will figure it out :) now the crummy thing is, i cant find my damn black maxi dress !! :( i been lookin for it for like two days now, to no avail. im goin to find it today, i promise you that! lls. i will be putting up a couple more post today, on my beauty haul of the day, a couple of facial mask/scrub recipies, a swatch of my l.a color eyeshadows, and much more, but now im goin to go look for that damn dress so i can get my day started!


»p a l m . b e a c h . b a b y !

» so me & the hubby are headed out to west palm today! yeah, karma is w. her mema & uncle for shoppin. hubby is goin down there to meet up some guy about a part for the honda hatchback, he's really into hondas :) well i will update later on today w. pics and whatnot. now i just got to figure out what to wear, decisions, decisions, decisions....


»b e a u t y . h a u l ;*

» so continuing my search to finish my brush collection w. e.l.f product, i found myself at kmart, and guess what, NO E.L.F PRODUCTS, WHATSOEVER :( ugh, but i did get a couple of new grabs; check out my wet n wild haul !! :)

» they were having a 1/2 off sale on 'lip make up' as they call it, so total =$10, hells yea! copped 3 new liners [lip, eye, & eyebrow], 2 cute new lipsticks, i usually never wear lipstick, but the colors were so damn cure, plus they were only $.99 a piece, i would have been crazy to pass them up :) and grabbed 2 new shades of my all time make up obsession; lip gloss :) check out the swatches.
»eyeliner swatches; khol white eyeliner, khol black eyebrow liner, lipliner in willow
» lip gloss swatch;* speed gloss in #945 called 'untamed'
»lipgloss swatch;* speed gloss in #941 in 'manic'

»lipstick swatch;* mega color in #913b called 'pure sky'

»lipstick swatch;* mega colors in #909c called 'giddy'

»PRETTY!!. can't wait to use them :)

»the energizing speed gloss has natural, energy-boosting ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Guarana, Acai and Vitamin E also infused w. peppermint. makes my lips tingly :)

» well thats it for tonight, doin this post took a lot out of me, the damn pics lls. plus its time for karma's dinner & sleep time! will definitely jump on later sweeties. nite.
-mimi :)

»s a y . w h a t ? ! ?

» so i woke up yesterday ready for the world, about to sit down and do Karma's hair, only to look up and see this big ass flyin bug; i called my brother to get it, he grabbed the broom, hit it, and the damn shit started to fly in his direction and proceed to chase him on the floor. lls. we thought it ran into the bathroom, only to do a full check of the bathroom & not find it. so fast foward to about 11 that night. we just got done talking only for my brother to start taking off his shoe, and i lean over to see that big ass bug, got that bitch! :)

»official video;* r u n . t h i s . t o w n

» ok, so mad hype over the premiere of the official video. people have damn there piss their pants waitin for this video. &nd while some people think its the dopest thing ever, personally, i thinks its ok. i love hov, love kanye to DEATH, & i fxcks w. rihanna, but seriously, i think the video is just, ok; at best. bomb ass song though, love that. but you be the judge :) ;* on note, has anyone else wondered why mr. carter aint have mrs. carter sing the hook?. i mean all that drama back in the day about rihanna tryin to make a move in on jay, &nd now she is 'single' clearly; i use this term loosely as she has been linked to my husband; drake :) enjoy.


m a k e u p . s h o p p i n . t o m o r r o w;*

» well; here go some pics of the e.l.f beauty products i scored from dollar general a couple of days ago;*

» e.l.f foundation brush;* $1

» e.l.f eyeshadow brush;* $1

» e.l.f eyeliner brush;* $1
» e.l.f eyelashes;* $1

» love the lashes, eyeliner & the eyeshadow brush :) havent used the foundation brush yet, been using my loose powder mineral foundation lately, so yeah :) thinkin' i might go to kmart to check out what e.l.f products they have :) pics up tomorrow
» watchin family guy w the hubby, about to eat, then call it a night, talk to you guys tomorrow :)
nite loves.
-mimi :)

»new artist;* b i g . s e a n

» lets all welcome the newest memeber to Kanye's G.O.O.D music label; Big Sean. Sean has been on the scence for a minute, but more underground than anything. with his two mixtapes; 'finally famous-the mixtape' [2007] &nd 'u know big sean- finally famous volume 2' [2009]. His debut album is slated for realese this spring. sean may not be well known, but the heavy hitters on his album, pharell williams, kanye west, mr. hudson and the-dream, just to name a few, will definitely change that. still not convinced? put it this way; if you fuxks w kid cudi, then you will fuxks w big sean. :) check out the video to the first single off his debut album 'finally famous' called 'getcha some'.

» official site;* uknowbigsean.com

» myspace;* myspace.com/uknowbigsean


»Job Interview :)
-had one yesterday, joy!; been hunting endlessly, only to finally get a callback, so pray i get it, cause i know i need one!

»New Make Up Bargins;*
- so i was in dollar general the other day for something completely unrelated and to my surprise , i found some e.l.f products! ; normally i only see them in kmart, but apparently dollar general wanted to get in on the action :). i got a eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush , a foundation brush & some falsies ;all my items were a dollar each!, talk about beauty on a budget! great deal especially for back to school!

»Two Major Countdowns;*
-Karma's first birthday is around the corner.[9.30] & i cant believe my little one is almost one! but i havent the slightest idea of what to do for her birthday! help! leave ideas in a comment here or on my youtube page. thanks in advance. :) another major countdown is school starting, school starts 8.24 for us here in florida, my brother will be entering his senior year, gah. crazy. anywho, there is still time to get some last minute school shoppin in, my favorite spot, citi trends & dd's discount. get name brand clothing [i.e. roca wear, baby phat] for more than affordable prices :) also, many places are having school supply drives for kids, so dont forget to donate! :)

»Halloween Costume Ideas for Kiddies;*
-Even though halloween is damn the 2.5 months away, i was really thinking kinda hard on it. This will be Karma's first official Halloween where she can dress up! and i dont know what she should go as! dont want to do the cliche pumpkin bit, hell i think i was a pumpkin like 3 years in a row, only for my parents to save my costume to tourture my brother :) so any ideas? if so you know where to leave 'em :)

»Halloween Horror Nights;*
-since we are on the subbie of halloween, lets talk major halloween events for the older crowd. Halloween Horror Nights is around the corner! At universal studios, orlando, fl from 9.25-10.31. this years theme is 'ripped from the silver screen' & will be hosted by jigsaw, the wolfman & chucky. buy tickets at any ticketmaster location or directly from the hhn site [www.halloweenhorrornights.com]; florida residents, we get special prices and more especially if you buy them in advance online!

thats it for now; might throw up another post later on tonite. til then; later loves :)


»w t f .

so; just when you think you move on from one situation [a] to a better situation [b]; why is it situation [a] wants to come back w a vengence? ugh i hate this shit. so what do ya do, huh? when you want to let go, but a strong bond keeps you involved, i.e. a child, but you want to be full devoted & commited to someone more for you? life aint easy & relationships aint no fuckin walk in the park. :?/ damn damn damn. why does a bitch have to be so desirable? lls. nite loves.

-mimi :)