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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

spin that ish.


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» t w i t t e r . m e . b a b y :)

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» m y . f i r s t . f l i p p i n . a w a r d . ♥ .

» my omg moment of the night; casually browsing my daily blog reads, only to see that i was AWARDED by my homegirl [ harlem missez ] & i most definitely have to say THANK YOU SWEETIE!

»ok so the rules.
1. Post award on your blog
2. Link or tell a bit about the person who gave you the award…
3. Each one of you who receive this award must list down 5 facts/hobbies about yourself
4. Pass this award to 5 or more bloggers

»so my [5] randoms;
1. i love to chew gum; orbit sweet mint gum is my favorite
2. im a huge throwback 80's lover as in molly wringwald, 16 candles, the breakfast club
3. im addicted to purses, doesnt matter a brand, if the purse is fiya as hell, trust its probably in my room.
4. all my favorite perfumes, aside from possibly one, are all from vicky's secret, mainly pink
5. im only 4'11, short as fuxk, but thicka than a snicka ♥ lls.

»my fab [5];
complete & utter bullshit
lost in translation . *
lets be real .
&;*/ [THiS iS $HAR0NA.]

» k a r m a ' s . b i r t h d a y . c e l e b r a t i o n . ♥



» t o d a y . i s . k a r m a ' s . f i r s t . b i r t h d a y

»so i did a little video montage for her first birthday. here it is, enjoy :)



»p r o d u c t . r e v i e w .

-product; almay oil-free make up remover towelettes

-bought from & price; target @ $4.99

-boast; 'Soft, pre-moistened towelettes instantly lift away all traces of makeup, dirt and oil in one easy step. Conditions, hydrates and soothes skin without irritation. Botanical blend of aloe, cucumber and green tea nourishes skin as it gently lifts away even waterproof or longwearing makeup. Leaves no greasy residue, so there’s no need to rinse. '

-package; 5 outta 5

-performance; 4.5 outta 5

-buy again?; most definitely :)



-no harsh smell

-no reaction

-really gets off all the makeup :)


-kinda left my skin a little greasy

-my skin kinda dried out after i used it

other than those two cons, no complaints :)

-i bought these kinda outta haste, karma had finally gotten home from a week and a half vacay and i had just gotten off work, so i was uber excited :) i had changed my outfit, but never removed my make up, which actually kinda clashed w. my clothes after work. so my homegirl was getting off work, and i was suppose to follow her home to meet her neice, and target is right next door, so i went to kill time as well as to pick up karma's birthday present, so i was crusin the make up aisle and was like well let me try these out. so once i got in the car, and we waited for my friend, i decided to try these out. needless to say i was very impressed. most people complain of the harsh after effects they have w. some make up removers, especially around their eyes. these were negative effect free :), it removed all, and i mean ALL my make up, liquid eyeliner, mascara, the whole nine. like i mentioned, it did leave my sskin a little bit greasy, nothing that blotting a napkin wouldnt cure, but soon after blotting, my face was definitely a tad bit dry, nothing unbearable, but needless to say, after that, i definitely will start carryin a small travel size container of face moisturizer. they are travel size to fit in a purse or a gym back, tough on make up but gentle to the skin. i will definitely be buyin more of these :) all in all , they most definitely get MiMi'S GRADE A SEAL OF APPROVAL :)



»c a n . i . j u s t . k e e p . i t . r e a l .

»so lets just keep it real; i just seen the footage of the 16 year old boy who was beaten to death, and w. all due respect, would anyone really care, had this NOT been video taped? i mean the black man is an endangered species w. drugs, violence, &...; jail. they die in our streets EVERYDAY, so ask yourself, are you only caring cause it was video taped? or have you always feared what was in store for our black men?

»v i d e o . t u t o r i a l .

»just a basic everyday look, nothing serious. music is muted, thanks to copyright issues &nd whatnot, and im too damn lazy to redo the music &nd the annotations, sorry :) any question, email me♥