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»beauty tag --> 10 most worn makeup items

so, i decided to do a beauty tag, of your ten most worn beauty items. i might do a video tag for it as well for my youtube channel. yeah. god knows that needs to be updated. as far as who i tag, i tag all of yous!!
1. face cleanser ; noxzema, im faithful to it. lls. since the dawn of puberty.

2. face moisturizer ; umm. i like the clean & clear oxygenating ultra light moisturizer w. spf 15, i love it, its light weight, smells awesome!

3. foundation ; two ; maybelline pure makeup in dark#2 caramel. great price, oil free, & shine free. i love it. & maybelline's mineral power perfecting foundation, same color. this one has spf 18! to be honest i really like maybelline's foundations.

4. face powder ; well there is a tie between two. n.y.c loose powder in translucent & maybelline's mineral power finishing veil

5. pencil and/or liquid eyeliner ; love love love my e.l.f liquid eyeliner pen, only $1! and their black eyeliner pencil, its easier to apply vs. nyc or wet & wild eyeliner pencils. idk, maybe its softer & creamier? plus; it doesnt run!

6. single and/or pallette eyeshadow ; tie between two, i have the l.a. color 12 eyeshadow pallette in traditional, which consist of mainly browns, bronzy copper-ish & neutral colors, then my l'oreal h.i.p matte duo shadows in 'dashing', which is a nude tan-ish color, and a matte black.

7. lip products ; i usually apply a lip chapstick. lip stick, love my wet & wild mega colors in pure sky, w. a match up w. my victoria secret beauty rush lip gloss in slice of heaven. FAVORITE OF ALL TIME, is my l'oreal h.i.p liquid lip shine in #660 euphoric, its pink, and its my most worn aside from my one mentioned above, i wear these literally every other day. lls.

8. mascara ; im absolutely in love w. this new hard candy ginormous lash volumizing mascara. i believe it was 6 bucks. yu can tell a MAJOR difference in the length as well as the volume of your lashes!, cool thing, they come in different colors, purple, blue, silver, i think 6 or 7 color choices in all. clearly will be snatching these up. quick.

9. blush ; l.a. colors dual blush set in blusing & mauvee, i use the blushing, which is a apricot-ish color, as a highlight on the apple of my cheeks, then the mauvee which is a light wine color to contour the hallows, and the whole face.

and last but not least;

10. make up remover ; i simply use a baby wipe, or my almay makeup removal wipes, which are awesome =)

well those are my top 10, at least the most common 10 lls. well go a head and get the posting. yu can link your top 10 in the comments, hell im nosey! i want to know!