quote me on that.

'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

spin that ish.


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»b l o g . s h o u t . o u t z | h a r l e m . m i s s e z

»i know today has been a very slow posting day for me, which is somewhat unusual. i promise i will get back on it tomorrow, after church that is, promise =) but anyways, now that that is out the way, i wanted to give a blog shout out to [ h a r l e m . m i s s e z ]; i love her blog, its entertaining as well as enlightening. i fxcks w. her cause our personalities are so much a like, so if you lookin for something entertaining, please check her out!

[ --bxtch, i'm AMAZIN. ]

»d a m n . i . l o v e . t h a t . m a n =)

»bryan;` i think everything in my life, is finally going the way i want them to go. `
»me; `thats cool. why is that?`
»bryan;` baby,cause i got you.`
thank yu God. for giving me him =)

»t o . c u t . o f f . o r . n o t . t o . c u t . o f f . ?

»so me &nd the fiance got into a heated debate. i mean so heated, we damn there let it ruin the night. so here it is. we were talking and the subject of family distancing ones' ex from the family came up.

»bryan; 'as soon as a drop a chick, the whole family has to. &nd if they choose the girls side, then that fucks up me &nd that family memebers relationship.period'


»me; 'so basically, if me &nd your sister were to vibe each other's personality,and shit doesnt work out between me &nd you, me and your sister have to end our relationship, due to your rule aka your bitchfit?'

»bryan;'yup. cause its all about respect.',

what the fx!k!!! seriously?

»me; 'so then me &nd your sisters friendship would be soley based on the fact that me &nd you are together?, well if thats the case, the last thing i would want to do is meet your sister, especially if you say me &nd her would hit it off, only for our friendship to be based on me being w. you only to know that if me &nd you break up, she suppose to drop me like a bad habit, all because you said so &nd its out of respect.i would rather a person be friends w. me because the vibe w. my personality vs. who im with, i'd rather a bitch hate me cause she hates my personality vs hate me just cause of who i am with. [even though we all know that that happens to the best of us =) ]

»bryan; 'wtf? so then you dont take the relationship seriously if you want to take it to that point'

»me; 'its not that, im just lookin at it logically, why waste me &nd said persons time, to get to know each other only to know that if shit dont work out between us, that im goin to lose a good friend? to me that aint no real friendship, that shit is real phony &nd i dont fuck w. phony people.point blank period.why would you let an ex dictate your relationship w. family, if you say that family is first, cause at the end of the day, we are all grown ass people & make our own decisions & if at the end of the day we dont work out but me &nd your sister still want to be friends, damnit, thats what we are goin to do.

eventually we just let it all go, and was just like it is what it is. but i had to bring this to my followers attention &nd ask yalls opinion,

»if you and an ex break up, and you have introduced this person family &nd the family vibes with this person, do you expect said ex as well as your family to cut all ties w. each other? if yes, why? if not, why not?

inquiring minds want to know =)


»r. i . p . d j . a m

»so dj am passed away; &nd they suspect drug overdose. damn.

»click here for full story.


»f o u n d . t h e . o u t f i t =)

»i did it! i finally found the perfect outfit for the hubby. can we say automatic mouth drop =). im doin a teal color tube top, black shiny leggings, not to be confused w the pleather material type leggings, i do own a pair of those, but not wearin those tonight. and my silver deron heels. hubby loves those heels =) i think im goin to do a smokey teal eye w a nude lip. yeah. pics soon, but im gonna start getting ready, i.e. paint the tootsies, maintain the brows, apply mask. yup time to get spiffy for the mister =) god, i love him =)


»f o t d ;* g i r l . d o n ' t . h u r t . ' e m. [ p i c . h e a v y]

»so i was going for a purple & pink look, but it came out more purple than anything lol. so i just went ahead and did a cupcake pink lip! enjoy =)

»t-natural light ; b-artificial light

»face; washed w. ambi cocoa butter cleanings bar, then w/ noxzema face wash, then moisturized, stippled maybelline's mineral powder in dark.

»eyes; primed eyes, i used a light pink in the inner corner of my eye, then used a brighter pink in the middle, then used my l.a. colors eyeshadow palette in 'chic', i used the purple on the outer third, and to also cut the crease, i then used a darked purple over the crease to make it more defined . right above the creased purple, i applied that brighter pink and pulled it down into the crease, then highlighted w. a white. lined the top lid with liquid liner; l'oreal lineaur intense [black], then used a black n.y.c pencil liner for my waterline, and maybelline's lash stilletto mascara [very black].

»lips; no liner, before i did any make up, i slicked on some lip balm to kinda prime the lips as well as to condition them. then i applied my wet n wild mega colors in giddy, which is a pale type pink color [click here to see the swatch for this color] then applied my victoria secrets beauty rush lip gloss in cupquake for a more vibrant pink lip color.

&nd there you have it =)

enjoy the pics, went a lil heavy on this one.

»hubby loves this pic, says it my sexy pose..lol

»karma loves this face =)


»k a r m a . <3

»so karma was in the bathroom w. me while i was doin my fotd, and i took a couple of pics; enjoy =)

»on mommie's laptop; even though i know thats a big no no =)

»me &nd my momma. =)

»n e w . s i g n a t u r e

»new signature, like? eh. makin some new ones as we speak, tryin to find the one i like best =)


»a h . p o o =( . w e l l . s o r t a. =)

»so karma is gettin ready to head down to miami to go see her grandma, aww =) sad that my little one is leavin me for 2 days, but kinda happy cause that give me & the hubby sometime together tonite =). so we planned to go to dinner tonight, and go to a get together that his friend is having before he moves back to n.y. he's like hubby's bff & he's really bummed out about him moving =( but i told him,that just gives us a reason to get the hell out of florida. so truly thankful for that one, plus one of my homegirls who i have known for like 9 years is up there and i been dying to get up there to see her so double kudos. baby shower tomorrow for my friend fefe, she's having a little boy name jordan<-- aww. thinkin i might rock the blue & kakhi look i did yesterday or the neutral one i did, idk. i should really be trying to figure out what to wear tonight w. the hubby!. i know im wearing my siver deron stillettos though =) ugh. well let me finish packin karma up, then start pickin out an outfit =) i will definitely be posting through the day!


»r a n d o m . t h o u g h t

»loves any kind of lipgloss and/or lip balms that make my lips tingly. the hubby says they feel refreshing when he kisses them,wtf?!?! =) gotta love his randomness. =)


»u p c o m i n g . p o s t

»i been thinkin' about all the post that i want to do. lol so i needed to write them out lol.
»nail tutorial [nothing serious, you'll see]
»new music post
»'strictly for the adults' pillow talk
»movie reviews
»lots more. just give me a minute! lol

»f o t d ;* d e n i m & k a k h i.

»so, the hubby's favorite color is blue, &nd wanted me to do a blue look =) thinkin about doin a tutorial on this one, i really need to get back to makin my vids, lol. but here's the look. enjoy =)

»r. nature light ; l. flash

»face; washed w. ambi cocoa butter cleanings bar, then w/ noxzema face wash, then moisturized, stippled maybelline's mineral powder in dark.

»eyes; primed eyes, then used my l.a. colors eyeshadow palette in 'supernatural'. used a dark blue on the inner third of my eye, then a lighter blue in the middle, then a dark gray color on the outer third, and also used it to cut the crease. i added the same light blue above the gray inside the crease, then highlighted w. a white. the same white highlight, i used in the inner corner close to the tear duct. lined the top lid with liquid liner; l'oreal lineaur intense [black], then used a black n.y.c pencil liner for my waterline, and maybelline's lash stilletto mascara [very black].

»lips; no liner, before i did any make up, i slicked on some lip balm to kinda prime the lips as well as to condition them. then i applied my wet n wild mega colors in pure sky, which is a definite nude color [click here to see the swatch for this color] then applied my victoria secrets beauty rush lip gloss in slice of heaven for a more vibrant nude lip color.

&nd there you go! =) have fun w. it ladies.


»o . m . g ; f r e e . v.s . p i n k . l o t i o n =)

»omg; need i say more?!?! victoria secrets is giving away a FREE, THATS RIGHT FREE bottle of their pink lotion, which i freakin love!! click here for the free coupon! offer good thru september 7th. get your coupon now, IM GOIN TOMORROW! =)


»u g h =( UPDATE


»c o m m e n t s . h e l p !

»so thinkin that my followers didnt love me &nd insisted on not leavin me a comment =( lol, i recieved an email from melanie [click her name to read her blog, love her =)] sayin that my comments thingy wasnt workin! so does anyone know how to fix it? email me!

»k & b ;* a l l . i . n e e d.

»i have come to realize that karma[my little cupcake] & bryan [the fiance] are all i need is this world. shit at home is gettin to heavy, more dets later just wanted to share my random thought for the day =)
»karma alexandria marie.093008

»bryan aka the fiance aka soon to be hubby. engaged 071209. 3 years deep.


»s e e m s . l i k e . o n l y . y e s t e r d a y


»f u x k . i t

»i can feel it in the air. shit is different. you dont hear from the people who said that they would always be there.the little things that use to make you smile have faded & life seems ten times harder than what it should be. makes you rethink a lot of things. you get too old for shit & just dont care anymore. i think i have reached the royal point, to which i look at all things, & say, fuck it. i think im havin an epiphany. hell. i know im havin an epiphany. started to weed out people & gonna start makin me happy vs. tryin to appeal to everyone elses nature. fuck it. im my own person & need to just start worryin about me & my shit, if you there then you there; if not, be easy.[r e c l u s e];*

»r a n d o m . p i c s

»please enjoy these random pics; love my lil' cupcake! she loves her cherrios. :)
»rockstar juiced in mango,orange &nd passion fruit frozen thru a straw; yum :)

»she wet up her onesie so i went to look for one so i put her in the walker &nd took some pics :)

»fotd;* neutral brown

»today i wasnt doing too much, just the regular cleaning &nd whatnot, so i went for a neutral brown look. enjoy :)

»face; cleanesed w. noxzema face wash like always, moisturized & just stippled maybelline's ineral power finishing veil powder in dark.

»eyes; victoria secrets beauty rush luminous shadow in brown to earth, cut the crease w. maybelline cooling effects liner/shadow pencil in #27 chill the champagne ; then as a highlite i used the maybelline cooling effects liner/shadow pencil in #05 cold as ice ; i used the same highlite as my waterline liner so my eyes seemed bigger &nd more alert. then applied l'oreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner in black &nd topped it all off w. maybelline's lash stilletto mascara in very black

»lips; no liner kinda free handed. as a lip color i used my wet n wild mega colors lipstick in #913b in pure sky, then to brighten it up a bit i used victoria secrety beauty rush lip gloss in slice of heaven. i applied it all over the bottom lip; then just dotted a little bit, then with my finger rubbed it in. in person the mixture kinda looks like the occ lip tars conquest & pretty beige mixed together! to see them go to their website www.occmakeup.com

&nd there you have it!

-mimi :)

»b e a u t y . h a u l ;* 082409

»ok, im so done shoppin! :) another beauty haul post :)

»ambi cocoa butter cleansing bar @ family dollar; $1.60

»maybelline shiny.licious lip gloss[l-r]; #15 crushed candy &nd #40 lolly pink @ dollar tree; $1 each; retail price; $5.79 a piece!

»studio 35 cleaning sponges 2-pack @ walgreens; $2.29

»petites nail polish ; #438 black amethyst @ wal-mart; $1.50

»wet n wild idol eyes creme shadow pencil ; #133 techno @ walgreens; $1.99

»wet n wild wild shine ; #401a clear nail protector @ walgreens ; $0.99

»l.a. colors 12 color eyeshadow palette [neutrals] ; #10033 traditional @ family dollar ; $1

»l.a. colors 12 color eyeshadow palette; #10032 chic @ family dollar ; $1

»l.a. colors 12 color eye shadow palette [blues] ; #10038 supernatural @ family dollar ; $1

»i actually already own some of the l.a. colors eyeshadow palettes, but instead of th 12, it has 5, i believe, not lookin so i cant think off top of my head. :) swatch post comin' up soon as well as my fotd post.

just wanted to let you guys see what all i got today!

-mimi :)


»w h e n . b o r e d o m . s e t s . i n;*

»so out of sheer bordem &nd the fact that mr. deeds just went off, i decided, hey let me look up a video on eyebrow threading, heard of it, but never really knew what it was. so i did and figured, hell, thats easy as pie. so i found some thread, prop my ass in the mirror &nd started threading away. it truly is easy :) i do find it easier though, if you use a small amount of thread, or at least thats the method that i used and thats the one that work which therefore means thats the one im stickin too. so i started goin on a birage of eyebrow maintenance. i havent tweezed my brows in a while so i figured, well since im 'here' might as well, so i grabbed my tweezers, brow razor, some cocoa butter body gel [which i freakin love! i think im goin to do a product review on it. :)] cotton balls, eyebrow brush, scissiors and thread and got to work. now, i dont want to toot my own horn but uh, beep beep! lol. my shit came out perfect, i will post pics up tomorrow, but im estatic, cause i did such an amazing job, i never used scissors to trim the long hairs, just kinda brush them in, and the threading was a virgin experience, and i have used a razor to shape them up before so yeah, god they came out so pretty! cant wait to show em to ya!

»y o u r . l o v e . ♥;*

»for him;

your love is like a rainbow;
gives me something to look foward to after the storm.
your hug is like a blanket fresh from the dryer;
covers me, keeps me warm &nd cozy.
your love is like honey;
made by nature & sweet til the last drop.
your love is pure;
like the the soul of child.
your love is like laughter;
gauranteed to turn my frown upside down.
your love is like a window;
lookin out to a greater beyond.
your love is like water;
an essential part of me & everlasting flow.
your love is like candy;
i can have it now & later.
your love is like visa;
its everywhere i want to be.

»j u s t . a . t h o u g h t ;*

»is it weird, i can stay up a good 2 to 3 hours reading & lookin up different blogs to follow?...hmmm.