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»t o . c u t . o f f . o r . n o t . t o . c u t . o f f . ?

»so me &nd the fiance got into a heated debate. i mean so heated, we damn there let it ruin the night. so here it is. we were talking and the subject of family distancing ones' ex from the family came up.

»bryan; 'as soon as a drop a chick, the whole family has to. &nd if they choose the girls side, then that fucks up me &nd that family memebers relationship.period'


»me; 'so basically, if me &nd your sister were to vibe each other's personality,and shit doesnt work out between me &nd you, me and your sister have to end our relationship, due to your rule aka your bitchfit?'

»bryan;'yup. cause its all about respect.',

what the fx!k!!! seriously?

»me; 'so then me &nd your sisters friendship would be soley based on the fact that me &nd you are together?, well if thats the case, the last thing i would want to do is meet your sister, especially if you say me &nd her would hit it off, only for our friendship to be based on me being w. you only to know that if me &nd you break up, she suppose to drop me like a bad habit, all because you said so &nd its out of respect.i would rather a person be friends w. me because the vibe w. my personality vs. who im with, i'd rather a bitch hate me cause she hates my personality vs hate me just cause of who i am with. [even though we all know that that happens to the best of us =) ]

»bryan; 'wtf? so then you dont take the relationship seriously if you want to take it to that point'

»me; 'its not that, im just lookin at it logically, why waste me &nd said persons time, to get to know each other only to know that if shit dont work out between us, that im goin to lose a good friend? to me that aint no real friendship, that shit is real phony &nd i dont fuck w. phony people.point blank period.why would you let an ex dictate your relationship w. family, if you say that family is first, cause at the end of the day, we are all grown ass people & make our own decisions & if at the end of the day we dont work out but me &nd your sister still want to be friends, damnit, thats what we are goin to do.

eventually we just let it all go, and was just like it is what it is. but i had to bring this to my followers attention &nd ask yalls opinion,

»if you and an ex break up, and you have introduced this person family &nd the family vibes with this person, do you expect said ex as well as your family to cut all ties w. each other? if yes, why? if not, why not?

inquiring minds want to know =)

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SOmEtHiN lOvElY said...

there's no need for the whole family to cut off the ex...as far as im concerned if u nd him was to break up that's between ya'll and if his sister was to still go out shopping and whatnot with you that has nothing to do with him, but i always think any relationship should end on a good note

мiмi =) said...

thats what i said. i mean push come to shove,it would take a lot to get to that point for us to leave each other, but, im like nice to know that if we dont work out, your dictating my friendship with people in your family. i mean come on..im like you i would rather any relationship to end on a good note, even if both parties dont agree, i know im goin to try and dissolve it on a good note, so at the end of the day, this wouldnt have to be a factor

Ms.MarieP said...

it shouldnt matter whether you & dude (or whoevers involved in the situation) are still together or not. as long as you & whoever he's close with are on good terms, theres no reason why you guys should cease communication. no disrespect to your dude but thats on some middle school "you cant be friends with that person because im not friends with them.." bs. all that is unnecessary. as long as the exes stay out of each others way, it shouldnt be an issue