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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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»n e w . s h i t

» if you aint know, now you do :)
» jay-z ; the blueprint 3 ; 09.11.09
» drake ; Evil Empire & DJ Fletch Present Drake : Property Of October 2 disc ; online
» trey songz ; ready; in stores now
» jojo ; houstonatlantvegas rmx ; online
» mariah carey ft. gucci mane ; obsessed rmx ; online
» trick daddy ; finally famous-born a thug, still a thug ; 09.15.09

»b l o g . s h o u t . o u t z | e u r y d i c e.

»i wanted to give a blog shout out to [ e u r y d i c e]; i read her blog on a daily :) from music, fashion and just random ramblings, definitely someone worth following :) please check her out if you havent already!

[ the social carnivore ]


»k a r m a . <3

»karma ran off to miami for the weekend. and i already miss my baby girl. chillin with some friends and the hubby. kinda weird not havin her around, but then again all parents need a break, weither it be for 15 minutes, or a couple of days. hubby's birthday is monday, and it is labor day weekend, this time last year, i was praying i would go into labor, lol. have a good weekend my lovely followers! :)

»a d u l t . t a l k . # . 2 .

»sex with a friend's ex.
yay or nay?
»situation [i have a friend in this situation, needless to say, you dont want to know my personal opinion on this, ok you do, i will tell you at the end :) ];
you and your friend are very close, not like you claim each other as family, but close enough. anyways, you know they were dating this girl, nobody really liked her because of her attitude, and how she treated you friend throughout the relationship. so years pass, your friend moves to a city close, and is home every other weekend, his ex and you still stay in the same area. so one weekend, you were out with your friends, and most likely you guys [you and your friends ex] have mutual friends, so its liable yall run into each other. so yall start chillin and whatnot and talking, one thing leads to another, boom, yall have sex. so eventually, for whatever reason, be it you felt guilty or whatever, you tell your friend, look i had sex with your ex. they take it well, like ok it is what it is. you guys are still friends, and your friend and the ex start talking up again, like aint shit happen.
»is this not a wierd situation?; personally, i dont know. to be honest, its kinda a sticky situation. cause on one end, its like, well they aint together, so why should it matter if we hook up, but then that all abiding unwritten rule, you never date your friends ex. i dont know. i mean like i said above, it kinda is what it is, only cause whats done is done. so whatever. i just wanted to get my followers opinions.
»so would you have sex with a friends ex, why or why not?


»m a r y . j . b l i g e . & . l a b r o n . j a m e s

»so mary j. blige who is a timeless classic, has a new single out the labron james movie documentary; 'more than a game', which is due out in theaters october 2 2009. check out the interview w. labron &nd his teammates in the movie below.check out the official trailer here. but mary j. blige has released this single, 'stronger' &nd may i be the first to say i love it. because it speaks on so many levels other than this documentary. but check it out below.


»j u s t . a . q u i c k i e. «

»jay z is already working on his next album. says it will be his most eccentric piece yet.
»martin lawrence's comedy 'big mommas house 3' is currently in the works.; click here for story
»dj am was laid to rest today in a private ceramony in los angelas ; click here for story
»clothing maker american apparel says the will terminate 1500 employees who have immigration and/or employment issues- seriously? wtf?


»c h r i s . b r o w n . i n t e r v i e w

»so im watching the chris brown interview on cnn w. larry king w. the hubby and just listening to everything that is being asked as well as everything that is being said, let me be the first to say, chris brown was looking sharp as hell, and i still love him as an artist, i dont condone domestic violence in any way, shape or form, but my reaction to this, chris made a mistake and he deserves a second chance.
larry keeps asking questions to gain details into the matters that happened between chris and rihanna that were only, or at least in my opinion, discussed in full detail w. the people that it truly needed to be discussed w. chris made it blatenly clear that he respects rihanna's privacy enough not to go into detail about the case and/or the incident, in that case, i feel as though people just want to hear him say it himself just to say look it did happen, as though this whole process wasnt proof enough.
what i dont understand, well let me take that back i do understand why everyone is so in tune to this. because they are young hot celebrities, but in all actuality half the people who are truly following this case, day by day, would you care if this was happening to the lady down the street? lets be real, most of us, would be like, damn thats unfortunate, and keep it movin, but in this case i have heard so many people put their input in on it.
at the end of the day, we are all humans, and we all make mistakes. chris is man enough to own up to his mistakes, make his apologies and just wasnt to live his life. will it ever be the same, most likely not. will his career ever be like it was, most likely not. will people in the industry look at him differently, yes, it was happening hell 24 hours after the story broke.
all in all, i love chris, as an artist, and i understand, that at the end of the day he is no different from me, bryan, my brother, or you for that matter, differences, he has booku bucks.
i mean shit happens, shit fails. i think chris made a mistake, and is truly remorseful for what he did, hopefully rihanna isnt a bitter person, and is able to forgive him. chris is chris, point blank period.

»finally doing it;* l o s i n g . w e i g h t :)

»ok ladies, i have finally started to take action in my mission of weight loss. i have seen at least three different blogs who have mentioned weight loss, and as the saying goes the third time is a charm. so with that being said, i have decided to keep my promise to myself and try and lose the weight. i am actually going to start up another blog page about it and i will be more than happy to gather a couple of supporters, as well as doers, in this venture =) any more information, i will be posting on that blog! so ladies, if weight loss was something you wanted to do, but didnt have the support or motivation, join my journey!


»official video;* i t t y . b i t t y . p i g g y

»so my dog nicki minaj has come out w. a 'video' for my favorite track off her 'beam me up scotty' mixtape. personally, i hate these hood ass videos, cause all it is, is someone holdin a damn digital camcorder and major editing, but i love nicki so i will give her a pass. like i said i love the song, and i love nicki, just hate hood ass videos, so two outta three aint bad. check it out loves :)


»$ 1 . 9 8 . s h i p p i n g . e l f . p r o d u c t s.

»thats rights, e.l.f is running another special! use the code EGTWOSHIP on orders over $15 dollars, and recieve $1.98 shipping!, limited time offer, so act fast!

»k a r m a . <3

»enjoy these random pics of karma. took them while i was takin pics of the haul :) gotta love that little one. but its that smile that melts mommie's ♥. click pics for large images.


»b e a u t y . h a u l ;*

»so i kinda been rusty on my haul post, and i have been doin a little shoppin, just a little. but here is some pics of my lil mini haul over the past two weeks. enjoy ladies! click pics for larger size.
» 1. shinylicious gloss; dollar tree ;$1
»2. aquafina lip balm; dollar tree; $1
»3. l.a. colors blush; dollar tree ; $1
»4. l.a. colors 6 eyeshadow color pallete ; dollar tree ; $1
»5. e.l.f bronzing powder, came w. item #9 as a combo; big lots; $1.80
»6 & 7 & 8. e.l.f candy shop lipglosses, came in a 3 pack; big lots; $2.50
»9. e.l.f bronzing brush, came w. item #5 as a combo; big lots; $1.80

»pretty good haul. big lots, has a second set of 3 e.l.f candy shop glosses that i plan on getting, just havent been on that side of town in a while :) enjoy.



»new release;* t h e . b l u e p r i n t . 3

»me &nd the hubby have been listening to the blueprint 3 all day, i downloaded it via a bittorrent program and its a damn good cd. before hubby went to work i had to upload the cd to his ipone, so he could listen to it at work. jay z did nice on this one, tracks to listen to off rip; hater,already home, venus vs. mars &nd so ambitious. pharell &nd jay always make beautiful music together =) email me for the link to download, but remember, you need to have a bittorrent program, i reccommend this one here.

»w e d d i n g . d a t e

»so me &nd the hubby had a discussion about our wedding date. our plan is in two years, after i finished up school so that way, if i do transfer to another florida university, thats where we will be. now, my whole thing is this, when is the right time to get married? i dont want it to be too hot or too cold, which then means either fall or spring, well fall school is starting and spring my birthday, ugh decisions, decisions. any suggestions?


»throwback video;* g i n u w i n e

»yes lawd, ginuwine can get the business. i had to hit yall with a double dose. love that in the 'in those jeans' video kimora looked stunning! :) &nd he showed love to all skin types. thats a rarity now a days. but i digress, then in 'so anxious' gawd, he was just, like a bowl of lucky charms, magically delicious! yummy. favorite part? the dance sequence. damn ginu-fine, ginu-fine. :)


»t a t t o o s .

»so i dont know about yall. but i love tattoos, personal, i have nine, i believe, &nd i have 7 piercings. love 'em all. but i want to know; how many of you have them, how many & your favorite one and dont forget to post a pic!

»my daughter's name on my left wrist, got it about a month after i had her.

»a girly koi fish i got on my left hip, im a pisces &nd i freakin love koi fish, something about them. hubby is in love with this one, he says he likes to smack my butt and watch the fish swim, wtf? men. =)


»official video;* s u c c e s s f u l. [f i n a l l y ;) ]

»love it. trey songs part. eh. wish wayne's part wasnt cut out but i still fxcks with it. gotta love drake =)



»a d u l t . t a l k . # . 1 .

»how freaky is too freaky? or is there such a thing when it comes to sex?
ok, so a friend and i were talking about this about a week ago. not so much the aspect of freakiness, but she was telling me somethings, that she has done & have had done to her, and as i was listening i was kinda like, damn , that shit right there is too damn freaky for me. but then i had to think, well some of the things that i have done maybe deemed to freaky for others lol. so followers, what would be the breaking point of too freaky for you? or do you believe that there is even a freaky level limit when it comes to sex aka no holds bar?
me, i believe there is a limit. at least for me. some shit, i just wont do, not to knock anyone who does, but come on now, i aint doin that. lol.
»inquiring minds want to know =)

»a d u l t . t a l k =)

»so on a previous post, i mentioned that one topic i kinda wanted to do on a weekly basis was what i like to call 'strictly adult' where we discuss the obvious; s e x. now as a disclaimer; we are all grown most of my followers fall in the range of what, 20-early 30s, but i do have some younger followers, so as a precautionary warning, I AM NOT PROMOTING SEX FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT OF AGE, yes i know it sounds stupid, but i remember a while back i was lookin at a forum, and a poster went off on the author about how their younger followers were going to be reading and wantin to be able to comment on the subject , yada yada ya, so i must place my disclaimer =) so enjoy. i will post new subjects once a week &nd its open to all responses, like i said we are all adults so lets have fun!


»g o o d . m o r n i n ' . s w e e t i e s =)

»'today is the day the lord has made..', amen. clearly if you havent noticed, im thankful & greatful & on the way to church =) just wanted to leave you guys some early type lovin to hold ya over til momma gets out of church.lol.today's major blog is gonna be a nail tutorial cause my damn nails are starting to crack which means they starting to look like boo boo =( which is a big no no, hubby says one major thing that he loves about me &nd has noticed, even back when we were in high school was the fact that i maintained an up keep aka nails hair makeup, sounds superficial, but i know its the truth, cause personal, i know i like someone to take pride in their appearance.not to the point where it becomes an obsession, but you guys catch my drift. especially if we are together =) anyhoo. on another note, karma is 11 months today, which means in 1 more month, my little baby girl will be a tiny grown women, *tear. where did all that time go?, hubby's birthday is actually on the 7th, not sure what to do for his bday. suggestions will be taken! but loves, i must get off of here and get me &nd karma ready for 11 o'clock service, gotta leave a little early cause i gotta stop off &nd get gas =) til then,xoxox