quote me on that.

'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

spin that ish.


-browse thru the tracks-

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»a d u l t . t a l k =)

»so on a previous post, i mentioned that one topic i kinda wanted to do on a weekly basis was what i like to call 'strictly adult' where we discuss the obvious; s e x. now as a disclaimer; we are all grown most of my followers fall in the range of what, 20-early 30s, but i do have some younger followers, so as a precautionary warning, I AM NOT PROMOTING SEX FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT OF AGE, yes i know it sounds stupid, but i remember a while back i was lookin at a forum, and a poster went off on the author about how their younger followers were going to be reading and wantin to be able to comment on the subject , yada yada ya, so i must place my disclaimer =) so enjoy. i will post new subjects once a week &nd its open to all responses, like i said we are all adults so lets have fun!


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