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»how freaky is too freaky? or is there such a thing when it comes to sex?
ok, so a friend and i were talking about this about a week ago. not so much the aspect of freakiness, but she was telling me somethings, that she has done & have had done to her, and as i was listening i was kinda like, damn , that shit right there is too damn freaky for me. but then i had to think, well some of the things that i have done maybe deemed to freaky for others lol. so followers, what would be the breaking point of too freaky for you? or do you believe that there is even a freaky level limit when it comes to sex aka no holds bar?
me, i believe there is a limit. at least for me. some shit, i just wont do, not to knock anyone who does, but come on now, i aint doin that. lol.
»inquiring minds want to know =)

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Harlem Missez said...

i think after a while toooo freaky crosses over to that line of just plain weird...there's people who do all kinds of crazy shit for pleasure and have retarded fetishes; i'm a person who likes to experiment -- true indeed but like you, i have my limits.

мiмi =) said...

lol; i plan on doing a post on fetishes &nd i was going to list some of the ones that are out there. i feel you on crossin over to just plain weird, i mean lik some of these fetishes, i dont know how lookin at someones feet is suppose to get my rocks off. =) that will be next weeks post.

Ms.MarieP said...

i wouldnt say its being "too freaky"..its more like setting limitations. you have to know what you're down to do & how far youre willing to go......but even after that, if you run into the right situation or youre feeling some kind of way at that time, you just might go ahead & do something you previously swore you wouldnt----& like it. so maybe we just have our "too freaky" moments..lol. idk but to each their own. sms (shrugging my shoulders)

SOmEtHiN lOvElY said...

i think everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to sex,so that's why i don't think there is a limit per se. what you call freaky may be little kid stuff for others, and vice versa. however there is a time and place for certain things and i think that that's when the word "limit" comes into place. if you and your man are in a room ALONE or with others(if your into the orgy scene)that that's when your mind is your limitation on how freaky things can get, but as far as being in public i have seen some thangs and i wish some people knew the word "limit", but it all depends on what your into and what your comfortable doing or trying.