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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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so, why cant i hear the music on my page on my laptop? but i can hear everyone else's? but i can hear music from my itunes?...does anyone know why this thing is effin up on me?


nfl players =gun violence?

couldnt think of a better title. now, dont get it twisted im not saying as soon as a guy enters the nfl he is automatically involved w. some sort of gun violence, but i was just watching something on e! dealing w. ray carruth and the incident that occured w. him and his baby mother. so i have to ask myself, what the hell is it with these football players and some sort of gun violence, check the list below.

-ray carruth - kills baby mother, over child support payments & his vision that she isnt fit to be his baby mother.
fred lane - killed by wife & mother to his children, over money greed.
steve mcnair - killed by jumpoff [aka his other women] who then killed herself, over what? i havent the slightest idea. probably got tired of being the side women, and wanted him all to herself. wont justify her actions, because mcnair was steppin out on his wife, but i digress..
plaxico burress- shot HIMSELF, over being an idiot. lls.
sean taylor- killed over some sensless b.s., whats sad, is that his girlfriend and child had to witness [not in the sense of sitting there watching, but heard] everthing that happened.
i mean the list can go on and on and one, its just crazy to see all the players, directly involved in gun violence.
idk, it was just something interesting....
[click here for a partial list of nfl players involved w. gun violence]

damn i been slackin

so i been lookin at my precious post count, and i realized, damn a chick been slackin her ass off!, i mean in a weeks time, i would post like 20 post in a week. and lately, 5 here, maybe 4 there, shit is ridiculous, so i am makin a vow to get back on the bloggin wagon. regardless of how random or how ridiculous the post is, or informative. damnit, i just need to get back on the wagon! lls.


»p r o d u c t . r e v i e w .

-PRODUCT: incolor fabuliner liquid eyeliner in #01 black by jordana

-BROUGHT FROM & PRICE: walgreens @ $1.99

-BOAST: Felt-Tip Precision,No Skipping or Dragging,Convenient & Easy to Use,Dramatic Eye Definition.






- works just as well, if not better than the higher priced items just like it.
-the price = a steal

-so doing my usually drugstore makeup rounds, i spotted these at the register while i was checking out. i remember using Jordana products back in high school, nothing serious. but i figured i would give it a try. i actually already have a felt tip liquid eyeliner by either l'oreal or maybelline, not sure, but i know i paid a hellava penny for it only for it to really not do what i needed for it to do. so needless to say i was a tad bit on the fence about it. but i figured, its only $2 dollars, and what the hell. so i tried it, like maybe 2 days after i got it, [and used it for my look today] & i have got to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DAMN PEN!, its percision, it doesnt drag or skip, which is what happened w. the other liquid liner pen. & it doesnt deliver too much product at one time, which means it doesnt run. i'am overly excited for this product, and i am headed out the door to buy like 3 more! lls. rather overstock than be ass out like i was yesterday about another product that i needed and low and behold they were out :( but w. this product here, clearly gets MIMI'S GRADE 'A' SEAL OF APPROVAL! the only thing i wish, is that it would come in different colors, i know they have the liquid liners w. the brushes in different colors, but i have yet to see a liquid eyeliner pen in different colors than black and/or brown.