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»p r o d u c t . r e v i e w .

-PRODUCT: incolor fabuliner liquid eyeliner in #01 black by jordana

-BROUGHT FROM & PRICE: walgreens @ $1.99

-BOAST: Felt-Tip Precision,No Skipping or Dragging,Convenient & Easy to Use,Dramatic Eye Definition.






- works just as well, if not better than the higher priced items just like it.
-the price = a steal

-so doing my usually drugstore makeup rounds, i spotted these at the register while i was checking out. i remember using Jordana products back in high school, nothing serious. but i figured i would give it a try. i actually already have a felt tip liquid eyeliner by either l'oreal or maybelline, not sure, but i know i paid a hellava penny for it only for it to really not do what i needed for it to do. so needless to say i was a tad bit on the fence about it. but i figured, its only $2 dollars, and what the hell. so i tried it, like maybe 2 days after i got it, [and used it for my look today] & i have got to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DAMN PEN!, its percision, it doesnt drag or skip, which is what happened w. the other liquid liner pen. & it doesnt deliver too much product at one time, which means it doesnt run. i'am overly excited for this product, and i am headed out the door to buy like 3 more! lls. rather overstock than be ass out like i was yesterday about another product that i needed and low and behold they were out :( but w. this product here, clearly gets MIMI'S GRADE 'A' SEAL OF APPROVAL! the only thing i wish, is that it would come in different colors, i know they have the liquid liners w. the brushes in different colors, but i have yet to see a liquid eyeliner pen in different colors than black and/or brown.


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