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omg! buy one get one half off @ walgreens!

so, i was browsin the make up aisle in walgreens as i always do :) & to my surprise some of the make up that never, and i mean NEVER goes on ANY kind of sale was not only on sale, no, they are on BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF SALE! & THATS ON MOST OF THE COSMETICS & COSMETIC TOOLS!
SO :) my haul included, 2 of the new h.i.p l'oreal matte shadow duos in #917 dashing, which is a black and a beige-ish brown. and #207 animated, which is a white and nice blue color. cant wait to use both!
i also got a covergirl eye enhancer shadow quadin number #205 tropical fusion includes a royal blue color, a teal color, that is kinda heavy w. more green hues. a pretty orange and a sorta lime green color. love love love this pallete! very high in pigment! definitely going to do a post on this one :)
i also got two more brushes ,one is a two for one, so technically i got 3 brushes lls.i got a new eyeliner brush, a blending brush and a smudging brush by studio 35
i also bought two easyline retractable pencils by jordana in bliss, which a teal color and purple fusion, which is obviously a purple :)
i also got a incolor fabuliner liquid eyeliner pen by jordana as well in #01 black, definitely not into the pen liquid liner, i like the brush better, but i figure its worth a shot, right?
so thats today's haul. yesterday, at walmart, i picked up some items from the hard candy line, i got 2 of their plexi glosses, in dolce vita, which is a clear nude color and i want candy, which a clear pink color. they are cute lil packaging, but i hate the damn tips of them, they definitely resemble the wet n wild speedgloss, click here for my post of these. same packaging & same applicator tip.
i also picked up one of their color liners, take me out eyeline in chop suey which is definitely a dupe of the jordana retractable eyeliner pencil i got in bliss, damn there the same color. pics comin up soon cam is currently being used by my brother for his birthday tonite, well all day lls. so check back tomorrow for pics!

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