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»a d u l t . t a l k . # . 2 .

»sex with a friend's ex.
yay or nay?
»situation [i have a friend in this situation, needless to say, you dont want to know my personal opinion on this, ok you do, i will tell you at the end :) ];
you and your friend are very close, not like you claim each other as family, but close enough. anyways, you know they were dating this girl, nobody really liked her because of her attitude, and how she treated you friend throughout the relationship. so years pass, your friend moves to a city close, and is home every other weekend, his ex and you still stay in the same area. so one weekend, you were out with your friends, and most likely you guys [you and your friends ex] have mutual friends, so its liable yall run into each other. so yall start chillin and whatnot and talking, one thing leads to another, boom, yall have sex. so eventually, for whatever reason, be it you felt guilty or whatever, you tell your friend, look i had sex with your ex. they take it well, like ok it is what it is. you guys are still friends, and your friend and the ex start talking up again, like aint shit happen.
»is this not a wierd situation?; personally, i dont know. to be honest, its kinda a sticky situation. cause on one end, its like, well they aint together, so why should it matter if we hook up, but then that all abiding unwritten rule, you never date your friends ex. i dont know. i mean like i said above, it kinda is what it is, only cause whats done is done. so whatever. i just wanted to get my followers opinions.
»so would you have sex with a friends ex, why or why not?

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Harlem Missez said...

personally i feel like why even go there with the friends ex...its too many people out here to subject yourself to that; even tho they're not together, it's still not kool....to me!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't dare... even if me & the friend were no longer friends. That's too raunchy 4 me... just trifling!! One of my friends did me like that & I never felt the same about either of them again. They've both been trying to get back in my good graces every since, and that was 4 years ago. That's foul...

Eurydice said...

I feel like female friends are few and far between so if you have one that you're that close to, you just don't do it...

You don't allow yourself to get into that situation. You definitely don't sleep with your friends' ex because that's nasty.