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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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»t a t t o o s .

»so i dont know about yall. but i love tattoos, personal, i have nine, i believe, &nd i have 7 piercings. love 'em all. but i want to know; how many of you have them, how many & your favorite one and dont forget to post a pic!

»my daughter's name on my left wrist, got it about a month after i had her.

»a girly koi fish i got on my left hip, im a pisces &nd i freakin love koi fish, something about them. hubby is in love with this one, he says he likes to smack my butt and watch the fish swim, wtf? men. =)


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Juicy Carter said...

I love them too, I have 5 but i want atleast 6 more. they are addicting. my next one will be some time this weekend.


blkprincess87 said...

I don't have any tatts yet...I'm scared its going to hurt right now I'm addicted to piercings and I'm tryna decide where to get my next one

Ms.MarieP said...

i love em as well. theyre just so creative & artistic & bold. they make a statement & theyre overall beautiful.. right now i only have 1 tat & 4 peircings (i think one closed up though. i had the industrial---thats when you put the bar through your ear---but i hadda take it out for work =(.

i really wanna get like 3 more ear piercings plus re-do my industrial. i also want my tongue pierced.

im planning on getting another tat soon but im still tryna decide where the ideal place to get it is, cuz my folks dont approve of tats & whatnot so i gotta be able to hide it like the 1st one. im this close to saying fuck it & just getting the one im practically dying for...its an ode to my nephew =)swear i dream about that joint..lol