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»b e a u t y . h a u l ;*

»so i kinda been rusty on my haul post, and i have been doin a little shoppin, just a little. but here is some pics of my lil mini haul over the past two weeks. enjoy ladies! click pics for larger size.
» 1. shinylicious gloss; dollar tree ;$1
»2. aquafina lip balm; dollar tree; $1
»3. l.a. colors blush; dollar tree ; $1
»4. l.a. colors 6 eyeshadow color pallete ; dollar tree ; $1
»5. e.l.f bronzing powder, came w. item #9 as a combo; big lots; $1.80
»6 & 7 & 8. e.l.f candy shop lipglosses, came in a 3 pack; big lots; $2.50
»9. e.l.f bronzing brush, came w. item #5 as a combo; big lots; $1.80

»pretty good haul. big lots, has a second set of 3 e.l.f candy shop glosses that i plan on getting, just havent been on that side of town in a while :) enjoy.


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blkprincess87 said...

I had those E.L.F. lip glosses...I threw mine away cuz I felt like it smelt really bad....maybe I had a bad one

мiмi =) said...

mine didnt smell; i have a weird tendency to smell all the things i buy, but those didnt have a smell to them.