quote me on that.

'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

spin that ish.


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»f u x k . i t

»i can feel it in the air. shit is different. you dont hear from the people who said that they would always be there.the little things that use to make you smile have faded & life seems ten times harder than what it should be. makes you rethink a lot of things. you get too old for shit & just dont care anymore. i think i have reached the royal point, to which i look at all things, & say, fuck it. i think im havin an epiphany. hell. i know im havin an epiphany. started to weed out people & gonna start makin me happy vs. tryin to appeal to everyone elses nature. fuck it. im my own person & need to just start worryin about me & my shit, if you there then you there; if not, be easy.[r e c l u s e];*

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