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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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»f o t d ;* d e n i m & k a k h i.

»so, the hubby's favorite color is blue, &nd wanted me to do a blue look =) thinkin about doin a tutorial on this one, i really need to get back to makin my vids, lol. but here's the look. enjoy =)

»r. nature light ; l. flash

»face; washed w. ambi cocoa butter cleanings bar, then w/ noxzema face wash, then moisturized, stippled maybelline's mineral powder in dark.

»eyes; primed eyes, then used my l.a. colors eyeshadow palette in 'supernatural'. used a dark blue on the inner third of my eye, then a lighter blue in the middle, then a dark gray color on the outer third, and also used it to cut the crease. i added the same light blue above the gray inside the crease, then highlighted w. a white. the same white highlight, i used in the inner corner close to the tear duct. lined the top lid with liquid liner; l'oreal lineaur intense [black], then used a black n.y.c pencil liner for my waterline, and maybelline's lash stilletto mascara [very black].

»lips; no liner, before i did any make up, i slicked on some lip balm to kinda prime the lips as well as to condition them. then i applied my wet n wild mega colors in pure sky, which is a definite nude color [click here to see the swatch for this color] then applied my victoria secrets beauty rush lip gloss in slice of heaven for a more vibrant nude lip color.

&nd there you go! =) have fun w. it ladies.


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SOmEtHiN lOvElY said...

u did a really nice job...i just went to MAC today and got a bronzer and a eye shadow in "AMBER LIGHTS"...the thing is that i have asin eyes and i want to use the liquid liner but i can't get the line thin enough to save my life!! lol.. but your eyes are very pretty and i bet the hubby is happy

мiмi =) said...

thanks sweetie! yea liquid liner is kinda tricky, but i was wearing it back in the 5 grade [not as everday make up, only wore it for the drama club performances =)] & when i really started to get into make up, i just used the pencil for the waterline & liquid for the upper lid, lots o' practice! lol. & the hubby loved it. such a blue fanatic. lol. figured i would dedicate one look to him!

Doma-Nikki said...

Pretty look :o)
Your skin is flawless!!! x

blkprincess87 said...

Very pretty I might try this tomorrow I been wantin to do a look wit color just haven't had any inspiration.....and ur daughter is such a cutie = )

мiмi =) said...

doma-nikki; thank you! thank god for make up, i been bustin my butt tryin to get back to the naturally flawless skin so i dont have to use too much powder, somewhat there, just need about two more weeks =)


blkprincess87; yeah im BIG on color, at least on the eyes, im still kinda inhibited on big color on the lips, usually im wearin a nude color like in this look here, or kinda like a cupcake pink, but i havent done anything other than those two. ugh. but i definitely plan on it though =) &nd thank yu for the comment on karma! thats my little cuppy cake ♥

Anonymous said...

Nice!! and I'm absolutely lovin' the WnW lip colors and will not rest until I snatch them up...