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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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»Job Interview :)
-had one yesterday, joy!; been hunting endlessly, only to finally get a callback, so pray i get it, cause i know i need one!

»New Make Up Bargins;*
- so i was in dollar general the other day for something completely unrelated and to my surprise , i found some e.l.f products! ; normally i only see them in kmart, but apparently dollar general wanted to get in on the action :). i got a eyeliner brush, eyeshadow brush , a foundation brush & some falsies ;all my items were a dollar each!, talk about beauty on a budget! great deal especially for back to school!

»Two Major Countdowns;*
-Karma's first birthday is around the corner.[9.30] & i cant believe my little one is almost one! but i havent the slightest idea of what to do for her birthday! help! leave ideas in a comment here or on my youtube page. thanks in advance. :) another major countdown is school starting, school starts 8.24 for us here in florida, my brother will be entering his senior year, gah. crazy. anywho, there is still time to get some last minute school shoppin in, my favorite spot, citi trends & dd's discount. get name brand clothing [i.e. roca wear, baby phat] for more than affordable prices :) also, many places are having school supply drives for kids, so dont forget to donate! :)

»Halloween Costume Ideas for Kiddies;*
-Even though halloween is damn the 2.5 months away, i was really thinking kinda hard on it. This will be Karma's first official Halloween where she can dress up! and i dont know what she should go as! dont want to do the cliche pumpkin bit, hell i think i was a pumpkin like 3 years in a row, only for my parents to save my costume to tourture my brother :) so any ideas? if so you know where to leave 'em :)

»Halloween Horror Nights;*
-since we are on the subbie of halloween, lets talk major halloween events for the older crowd. Halloween Horror Nights is around the corner! At universal studios, orlando, fl from 9.25-10.31. this years theme is 'ripped from the silver screen' & will be hosted by jigsaw, the wolfman & chucky. buy tickets at any ticketmaster location or directly from the hhn site [www.halloweenhorrornights.com]; florida residents, we get special prices and more especially if you buy them in advance online!

thats it for now; might throw up another post later on tonite. til then; later loves :)

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