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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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» b e a u t y . d e f i n e d . b y . h a i r ?

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»'beauty is in the eye of the beholder..' is how the saying goes, but most of us know, especially in the african american community,believe that beauty is in the brush of the beholder. what im getting at his hair. i know that this is a commonly discussed 'issue' in our community, but lately i really have been wanting to do a post on it. ok. so, for years, black women have struggled w. the notion of hair, afro, natural, braids, sew ins, relaxed, blah blah blah. we touture ourselves w. the chemicals to achieve what we feel is that of beauty. if i could tell yall how damaged my hair was back in the day...damn. then when i got pregnant, it stated falling out, then stress and whatnot, luckily i have gotten it back to its healthy condition, it was a hassle. bid you i do wear weaves and wigs, but i look at them as forms of expressions, like makeup or tattoos. anyhoos. but ask most men, what do they prefer? long hair. even my hubby, and he knows that my natural hair, is in a somewhat keri hilson stage. now, what is it about long hair that is sexy? i mean free flowing coif and whatnot is a desire to some if not most black women. i just wanted to know, when did short become, less sexy? halle berry pulled it off for years, and was noted, as the sexiest black woman ever, even w. short hair. so when did long hair become the standard for beauty?

prime example;
amber rose; she is the baddest chick in the game, hands down. i fuxkin love her :) her, her style, and her in your face, fuxk you attitude, lovez it. anyways, i think she is absolutely goregous, i seen the pics of her w. hair, and to me its like, eh. ok, shes still pretty, but average. hubbys opinion, yeah she cute, bangin ass body, but if she had some hair, she would be perfect..? wtf, lls. i mean lets be real, his opinion is the same as thousands of people. anytime i see pics of amber, i read the comments, and aside from her tattoos, they always raggin on her about her hair, i mean come one now, if amber went a head and did the long hair now, she would fade in the background w. all the other video models, and she wouldnt be a hot commodity. weither or not you like her, you have to admit she bad. she makes a statement w. her hairstyle that not only proves that beauty is not defined by hair, but has started a major trend. i mean, cassie did half the head, and that caught on, no lie, but then amber becomes a house hold name, and chicks was going to the shoppin asking for the amber, lls. i think she is beautiful short blonde hair and all. and i hope she doesnt fall for the society induced take on beauty and leaves her trademark style in the wind, just for some long hair :(.

personally, i feel as though its not hair that makes a woman beautiful, hell, it doesnt make a man any more or less handsome, i mean you may think, you know, if he had some hair, i think he could pull it off, but if the man fione w. out it, tell me you wouldnt approach him ?:) all in all, it is what it is. im not judging those and saying long hair is ugly or none of that. im just saying that we as a society, need to learn not to base beauty on someones outter appearance, and realize that beauty is something much deeper than that. think on it.--


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