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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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»t h e . r u n d o w n

»so this has been a off week, to say the least.
» pros;
-a bitch finally got a damn job, after being jobless for 3.5-4 months, i finally got a flippin job. :)
-hubby's birthday tomorrow.
and no lie ; thats about it.
» cons;
-hubby was so g.d stressed out about some personal issues that he was having &nd he snapped at me.
-work doesnt start until the 18th
-i have had a undeniable enormous headache that has left me crippling for the last 2 or 3 days
-my left wrist is fuckin killin me, hubby and me tried something new in the bedroom. so yeah.
-im dying to get into school again. but i cant, not until next semester.
-karma's father has been blowing up my phone lately, and is moving closer to us. not a problem as far as being closer to karma but i know rick and he gonna try his luck. hard.
-bills are starting to mount up :(
ugh. my last nite w.o karma, headin to miami tomorrow to get her. tomorrow also starts my first official workout day. check my weight loss blog for the full work out plan. chillin w. the hubby tonite, maybe, im still mad at him, so i told him i will not be going over to his house tonite, but he keeps sending me myspace messages &nd text messages asking, if i dont want to see him at all.
i will go :) but thats all thats going on right now. will definitely keep posting. love yall :)

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Eurydice said...

life is rough, as long as you know that and accept it you'll make it thru anything...