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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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so one of my favorite bloggers, did a random 15 & tagged everyone who reads her blog, so i read it, so here is mine, b.t.w; tag yur it :)

oo1. my first name is michaela. [mee-shy-a-la] clearly, its been a rough as 21 years, as how no one but possibly 5 people got the pronunciation right off bat.
oo2. i went to a historically black college at one point, got caught up in the party, and had to do some re-evaluating.
oo3.amber rose & nicki minaj = idols.
oo4. my favorite color is pink.
oo5. i can cook, but its a rareity that it happens.
oo6. i love to watch cartoons.
oo7. im orginally from virginia.
oo8. chances of seeing me in a club? 6 out 10
oo9. sweats, basketball shorts w. pockets & a wife beater are damn there daily wear in my house
o1o. i have a fetish for flip flops
o11. i love lil wayne.
o12. me & the hubby always manage to fight over the subject of lil wayne vs. jay z
o13. i talk while i text, idk, i just do.
o14. i suffer from a small case of ocd, i dont like odd numbers, i count steps, i color group lots of things, i always keep a full take of gas [full is even, half tank is odd] etc.
o15. im a mommie & my best friend is my daughter, karma♥

now. your turn...

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Harlem Missez said...

-the odd number thing is strange lol...and #6 is me on the low too