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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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so clearly i just posted, but i just found out something major, if most of you dont know, i love kanye & lady gaga, hubby love kanye, and aint to big of gaga. whatevs, but i did just find out via my girl juicy carter --> that MR. WEST & MS. GAGA ARE GOING ON TOUR, AND THEY HIT MIAMI ON DECEMBER 9TH:) do i want to go, umm FXCK YEAH! no my only delimma, how the hell do i get hubby to go, knowing that he will have to sit through lady gaga for the wifey, any suggestions??

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Marie said...

girlllllll. i wanna go sooo bad! i love em both as well. thanks for that bit of news. ummers. as far as the hubby goes...bribe him. ask him to go & if he starts tripping cuzza the Gaga thing, give him something he wants (ie; cook his fave meal the day of, a nice back rub or whatever he's into. go see a movie he loves & you hate. yall dont even have to go to the movies. bring the movie to yall....i think he might appreciate that one.). let us know how it pans out. good luck! =)