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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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-ok, so i know i have been neglecting yall, ugh and im so sorry for that. hell i been neglecting alot lately, i was actually somewhat able to catch up on a little bit of sleep that i have so desperately been needing. so anyways, let me give you guys a quick little run down of my recent events.
-as most of you know, my daughter, karma, has been w. my dad, aka her grandpa, for i want to say a week now, and still doesnt come home til the 27th, boo!
-while on the subbie of karma, her bday is literally right around the corner, the 30th of this month, wont be doing anything til that weekend, thinkin about takin her to miami to visit her father's mother and sister, who have been a major help, outside her father, no need to elaborate.
-a b.f.f came down from ny to fl for like a weekend, and i spent all of 5 or 10 minutes with her, clearly i suck as a bff, but i just been so freakin tired. sorry michelle :( just expect us to make a trip to ny before i start school, to be honest i really want to go up there during the winter, i miss the snow, so damn much
-i finally start my new job today!!! thank freakin god!, months of unemployment, and i finally got a flippin job. closing tonight, aint bad, hell a chick cant complain, at least i have a job, not too many people can say that, especially in this economy.
-bought some new make ups :) so expect some post as well as photos and product reviews, i used some of the products, and needless to say, some of them, were just....yea, not even worth the bargin price i paid for them. more dets. later
- i have been losing weight!, if most of you dont know, i started a weight lost blog, around the first week of this month, i been neglecting that blog, but i will be updating it today before i go to work, so if you havent already done so check it out here.
-latest ipod listening, includes kid cudi's new ish ; man on the moon; the end of days. expect a review of this album, i will give you this heads up now, if you werent feeling kanye's 808s&heartbreaks, then you may just want to stay clear of this album.
-oh and last i forget, halloween horror nights is actually starting or has started, i havent been paying attention but im up in the air about going, i need to save money, but i havent been to it ever, last time i was suppose to go, we got slammed by a hurricane, i.e. i aint go. so who knows...
i believe that is it for the time being, i gotta figure out what im going to wear to work today as well as the make up look for it, so expect a fotd & ootd post tonite. but thats it my lovelies. i promise i wont leave yall hanging like that again :) but as always, i do appreciate every last one of my old as well as new followers. thanks loves ♥

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