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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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so im thinkin that alot of you may have thought that i had deserted you, but alas i have not! just been very busy! karma's birthday is roughly two weeks from now, and her traveling arrangements are being made as i type. i have been cleaning my house up and down left and right. laundry all day, i feel like im nesting again, but god knows i aint preggo again!, then one of my best friends that i have known for like 9 plus years is coming down on thursday, which is the same day that karma leaves to go to orlando w. her grandpa, the day after my mom goes to panama, hubby's day off, and two days before the big mayweather vs. marquez fight. so clearly my mind is every which flippin way. lls. but i just wanted to let you guys know, that no i havent deserted my blogspot, hell, im on here more than myspace & facebook put together. lls. but anyways show some love and all that good stuff, but i must get back to cleaning, and catching up on all my daily blog reading that i have missed out on! xoxoxo

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just showin u some love girl! (ain't blogging great) i love it way better than the other social networks