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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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so once again i have been neglecting all my followers :( SOOO SORRY. between karma & work. i barely have a moments time to myself, cause once she is sleep, the hubby wants to have his time. so i just thought i would share some basic updates w. you guys.

1.karma had her first birthday. so now my lil one is a lil grown women ♥
2.unfortunately in these hard economic times, the fiance lost his job. i been helping him look for one. and its kinda rough out here. but nonetheless, we continue w. out heads held high, and full of hope
3.if most of you know i do have a weight loss blog, which i havent been updating. thats the bad news, the good news, is that i have been losing weight :)
4.i have been working my ass off. i was unemployed since may and just started back work in september, so clearly trying to get that incoming income back, ya dig?
5.seeing as how school is near for me, yay! january to be exact, i figured i would get back into the swing of things, and until january, read at least one book a month. i have novembers book in mind, the malcom x biography, which i will start on the first, december's book. i aint got a clue, suggestions are most definitely accepted! :)
6.i been on this drinking water binge like crazy! as of lately my skin had been going haywire and i felt that it was because i havent been incorporating water in my day to day routine, so needless to say, i have been seeing results.
7.nip/tuck my f'n favoritiest show in the world is coming back in like a day.
i think thats just about it for the time beings. i will try and update on a more regular basis only cause i know between this and twitter, these are slowly beating out myspace & facebook:)


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PIA said...

love your blogs : ) your daughters name is so cute! lovesss it <3