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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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» a mad baby mama. >:-0

flippin a. my day was damn they almost wrecked before it even started. so karma was suppose to go to w. her dad over to her other grandma's house in miami for the weekend. he was suppose to be leaving this morning, be at my house this afternoon, before i have to go to work @ 530, and then head to his moms house. well last nite, to make sure i packed karma up enough clothes, i text him.

me; hey
him; whats up.
me; nothing. just tryin to make sure karma is all ready to go tomorrow.
him; change of plans. leaving saturday morning.
me; well what time on saturday, cause i have to go to work.
him; early, i dont know yet.

i didnt text him back, only to wake up and see a message from him, last nite, that asked me what i was doing, i told him i went to sleep. when in all actuality, i did, after a bad mouth his ass on twitter, nothing bad, just tellin everyone i cant stand her sperm donor. so i stressed all nite, cause i didnt have a sitter lined up for karma seeing as how, i thought she was gonna be gone, so i stressed to bryan aka the hubby all last night about how ima have to call out from work, i cant believe he did this shit. i freakin hate him, the only good that came from him was my daughter, then he wonders why we cant get along, because he pulls the rug from under me all the time, [we wont get into the previous situations when me & him were living together, that ish was...i digress] so luckily on a whim, as i was lookin for something for my mom at freakin 6 something in the morning, i climed back in bed w. bryan only to remember, once again on a whim i remembered that my brother is off and he usually watches karma whenever im in a bind and he is off. and just my luck, im in a bind and he is off today, can we say thank god?

i try to have a civil relationship w. karma's father, i truly do, but then when he pulls shit like this it makes me wonder why i even wasted my time w. him. but if i hadnt been so naive, or better yet had i truly seen how he was as a person, i highly doubt karma would be here. and thats the god honest truth. but i dont fault karma for he fathers shinanagins. i fault him and him alone, he a grown ass man and he act like this.

smh. my rant is done lovies =)

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