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'being happy , doesnt mean that everything is perfect. it just means that you decided to look beyond the imperfections.'

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so alot of things have been going on, nothing major, just somethings i would like to keep my bloggers updated on. SCHOOL is right around the corner, thats right after damn there a year and a half out of school, my black ass is finally going back, thank god. im dying to buy new supplies, i am ADDICTED to pens, sad but so true. karma's father, is coming this FRIDAY, yes people,, my hubby is NOT karma's father, though out in public people thing so. the only reason why this is such an issue, first off, karma hasnt seen rick since july, whatever, then he is one of those baby daddies [<--i hate using this term] that feel that regardless of who i am with [cause yes he does know about bryan] that he can get it, naw bra you good. so im setting myself up for that only cause there is the possibility of him staying the night here with all of us, as in my mother, brother and the dogs. me & bryan dont stay with each other. yet. so im like damn, here we go, plus i feel an arguement will ensue. once again, whatever. MAKE UP, i have had some hauls, but i guess nothing i would consider to be too major, i have found my favorite new lip colors via L'OREAL HIP LIQUID LIPSHINE only for them to freakin discontinue it, freakin a man, just may freakin luck, but i guess. lol. BLOGS, i am such a bad blogger on my weightloss blog, i have made a good promise to myself on the list of promises to make that a neccessity, as much as update this blog. i have been awarded two new blog awards, that i must post today. i have been a TWITTER FANATIC, seriously, if im not on here, find me on twitter :) JOBS, i have a job and its great, but im thinkin, it maybe time for another source of income on my part. bryan is still not having any luck in the job department, but once again we hold our heads high and continue to search. NEW MIXTAPES, LOVING THE NEW LIL WAYNE NO CEILINGS, IF YOU HAVENT LISTENED TO IT OR GOTTEN IT GET IT! well my lovies, that is it for now, expect a couple more post today lovies.

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